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Laparoscopic Abdominal Surgery

Offering minimally invasive surgical techniques for conditions like appendicitis, gallbladder issues, and hernias, reducing recovery time and scarring.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Helping patients struggling with obesity by rerouting the digestive system, aiding weight loss, and improving overall health.


Tumor Removal: Expertise in safely removing tumors from the stomach and other gastrointestinal organs, providing effective treatment options

Colon Resection

Specialized procedures to remove portions of the colon affected by diseases such as diverticulitis or colon cancer, promoting digestive health.

Hiatal Hernia Repair

Skillful treatment for hiatal hernias, addressing symptoms like acid reflux and heartburn to improve the quality of life.

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

 Utilizing advanced endoscopic techniques to diagnose and treat conditions in the esophagus, stomach, and intestines with minimal invasiveness.

Dr. Ajeen Hashim Ali


Dr. Ajeen is a highly skilled and compassionate surgeon, dedicated to transforming lives through precision and expertise. With a remarkable blend of surgical prowess and patient-centered care, she brings a sense of confidence and comfort to every procedure. Her commitment to innovation and continuous learning ensures that her patients receive the best possible care in the field. Driven by a passion for healing, Dr. Ajeen is a trusted name in surgical excellence, guiding her patients towards a healthier and brighter future.


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